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Business Persuasive Speech

There are different types of persuasive speech. For instance, business persuasive speech and music. Students are supposed to write persuasive speech as part of their assignments. Most students experience various challenges when writing speech. For instance, the students find it hard to select the right topic. Students are required to select a topic that is easy so as to be able to write the speech well. The kind of topic the students select determines the quality of the paper.

Instructors grade the persuasive speech according to how they are written. So, students should be able to choose an easy topic so as to be able to write quality work. They should also be able to state the content of the speech well. In addition, the students are required to include the right references and format the speech accordingly.

Most students are not able to reference the persuasive speech using the right referencing style. Students can use a wide range of writing styles when writing their persuasive speech. For example, the students can use MLA,APA and Chicago. Only a small percentage of the students are aware of the writing style.

A large section of the students buy persuasive speech from firms that offer speech writing services. The stude3nts are motivated by various things to buy persuasive speech. For instance, they are assured of getting quality persuasive speech from the companies. They motivated by the cost and the delivery time to get persuasive speech from the companies. A firm offering speech writing services should have the following characteristics. First, the company should be able to offer customized speeches. The company should be able to customize the speech according to the needs of the customers. Different clients need different types of speech and so the company should be able to offer different types of speech. For instance, the company should be able to offer business persuasive speech.

Moreover, the company should have experienced speech writers so as to be able to offer persuasive speech. The writers should have more than five years’ experience in speech writing so as to provide professional services.

The experience the writers have determines the kind of work they are able to offer. For instance, writers who have less one year experience might not be able to offer persuasive speech. This is because the writers might not be able to state the content of the speech well and develop it. They might not be able to write speech that is not plagiarized. On the other hand, writers who have more than five year’s experience are able to choose the best topic and develop it according to the requirements of the client. Also, the writers are able to produce non plagiarized speech and hence persuasive speech. So, the company should be keen when hiring speech writers to avoid negative effects. Additionally, the writers should be familiar with the writing styles that are needed to write persuasive speech. For example, they should be able to use MLA, APA and any other writing style when writing speech. The writers should be able to follow the instructions given so as to avoid revisions and ensure the clients are satisfied with the quality of work. Lastly, the company should be able to offer business speech at the right time to promote good performance among the learners.

Speeches are delivered in every days context in many different places as a means of establishing communication between the speaker and the audience. Speeches are delivered because of many reasons and to different audiences. As a result, the types of speeches delivered may differ depending on the audience addressed as well as the purpose of delivering the speech. Based on this categorization there are various types of speeches including persuasive speeches (meant to persuade or dissuade an audience), introductory speeches (meant to introduce a person, event or item) and informative speeches (meant to inform people)-just to mention but a few. In this literary work the writing and outline of a persuasive speech is presented.

A persuasive speech, as the name suggests is used in trying to convince a person to accept one standing point on issues that may seem or actually be controversial. Through a persuasive speech the writer tries to make one or more points and not just to discredit the other side of the standing point that may be held by the opposing side. As such a persuasive speech writer should only present factual evidence that supports why one belief or stand is better than the other. However, under no circumstances should the author make up points that are not factual in trying to increase the significance of his/her choice. Secondly, the written speech should not express any sort of aggressiveness or emotions and bias. The speech is supposed to be plain simple with no passion or emotions.

The making of persuasions should rely on facts well outlined and connected in a manner that make sense, rather than emotions and passion. A typical persuasive speech should start off with an introductory paragraph that introduces the main issue under contention in a brief manner. Thereafter, the persuasive speech should go on to highlight the two phases of the same issue that are being weighed against each other. This may include highlighting the pros and cons of the two sides of the persuasive speech, each at a time. The main body of the persuasive speech should then review the two phases under a comparative basis that looks at each phase in comparison to the other.

After evaluation the two stands comparatively, the writer of the persuasive speech should go ahead to weigh the two sides in terms of comparative advantages. This should still be done within the body of the persuasive speech. After this weighing the readers should be able to know which side of the presented issue has more advantages than disadvantages, however; this is never sufficient to convince the readers to choose your particular stand of interest. Therefore, the writer of the persuasive speech should go further by trying to elucidate to the readers why his/her choice of stand is better than the other. This could appropriately be done through the use of real life examples and through anticipating counter arguments and offering answers in relation to those arguments.

If the chosen side is supposed to act as a solution to a certain problem, the author should state how that stand can be fostered and adopted as a solution to the problems that may be related to the issue. This last portion of the persuasive speech should offer solutions to a problem, because in actual sense the persuasion is meant to help people realize that the chosen stand is beneficial in solving their problems or any misunderstandings that may present between the opposing sides. A clear and good persuasive speech should also show that the other side giving up its choice is not losing in making the choice. This helps the opposing side to realize that the other choice may be more beneficial than their first choice.


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