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Did you know that an employer spends less than 30 seconds to look at your resume? 30 seconds will decide your destiny whether or not you pass to an interview. So Your resume need to capture the employers attention. Below are 3 top mistakes you should avoid.

There are so many people vying for work that your resume really does have to stand out to get noticed. The resume is an expression of yourself, so you have to stand out, you have to get noticed. Here are what I consider to be the three top resume writing mistakes that people make.

Resume Mistake 1: Listing Your Job Duties Instead of Your Accomplishments

Avoid statements such as "Job Duties" or "Job Responsibilities". Employers want to know about your specific accomplishments and contributions to your previous employer. Did you save money, improve a process, solve a problem? By listing your accomplishments you are letting the employer know you can accomplish the work. This will certainly set you apart from the competition. When listing your accomplishments use bullet statements and action words instead of a narrative paragraph. Remember you have 30 seconds to get your point across, so make it easy to read.

Resume Mistake 2: Not Using Key Word

Do you know that 80% of resumes are scrubbed through a database looking for key words? Those resumes where key words are identified get noticed by employers. Use key words in your qualifications and accomplishments. Think of them as encoding your resume with powerful words. Another tip is to read the job posting closely; key words employers are looking for are usually in the posting. There are many websites that list key words. One of the best is

Resume Mistake 3: Sending the Resume as an Attachment without Knowing how it will look

Have you ever opened an attachment and found it completely messed up? Somehow in the transmission the layout became distorted, the bullets were out of alignment, or the top of page 2 ended up on the bottom of page 1. The same thing can happen to your resume if you don't do a test run. Email your resume to a few friends as an attachment and confirm how it looks on their computers. If it looks good, send it off to the employer. If there are problem you want to know about it now. You may have to save your resume in a text format with a .txt file extension.

You can look at resume as a quite salesman, who does all the work of explaining your achievements, your potential in front of your recruiters. The purpose of a resume is to sell your services in front of your recruiters.

The importance of a good resume and the ways in which you can get it done:

As you are well aware that a good sales man who is proficient in selling products will end up selling much more  products than what his  mediocre counterpart would manage to do, a well written resume fetches you good jobs than a poorly constructed one. While you set off for a job interview, you must write a good resume at first. If you can afford it, seek professional help for this matter.

Because he knows how to do it and the manner in which a professional resume writer will construct your resume, it will set you apart from the rest of the heap of resumes lying on your recruiters desk. If you want to save up on the bucks of hiring a resume writer, you can do it all by yourself.

Free resume help:

Try to bring in a special character to your resume. There must be things that are original in your resume. Your originality will set you apart from all those who have applied for the job. Do not be manipulative while writing your resume. Instead, your intention should be to grow interest in your recruiters so that go ahead and speculate your capabilities, the way in which you work and things like that. Your resume is your identity in the very initial stage. Therefore there must be a personal touch to what you are constructing. By now I think it is clear to you that resume writing is not an easy job at all. Read on, if you want free resume writing help.

Free resume help:

The resume that you present should be in tune with your character and your temperament. Writing your resume on your own has some advantages. If you assign this task to someone else, even though he is a professional, he will not be able to lend a personal touch to your resume. This is because he is writing it for someone else and he is unaware of the person that you are. So they do not know your attitude and your professional mannerisms.

With your resume you must be able to create an impression in front of the recruiters that you are unique. You must give them the impression that you are meant for the job. If the professional whom you hire gives a different image of you in your resume, the recruiters will soon find out because they will see you in person during the interview. They will understand that it has been written by someone else and you've had it! They will brand you as artificial and the chances of getting the job will be close to nil.

So get free resume help and write your own resume rather than seeking professional help.


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