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How to Give a Killer Presentation

Depending on your line of work, there will come a time when you are will be required to make a presentation on an issue. Talking in front of a crowd can be intimidating even to the most accomplished presenters, but with a thorough mastery of the necessary presentation skills, anyone can make flawless presentations.

Presentation skills

There are three skills relevant to making presentations. They include: the use of visual information, rehearsing and practice and finally the command of three.

Visual information

Human beings react more to images that to words. Our memories work best when put to task through the use of visuals. Always remember this piece of information and use it to your advantage. During presentations, utilize diagrams, pictures, graphs and tables as much as possible. Your audience will retain more of what they saw than what you talked about. Again you are more likely to send your message to your audience when you use visuals instead of plain talk.

Rehearsing /Practice

This cannot be said enough. A rehearsed presentation will speak for itself. It is flawless and points are discussed articulately. To rehearse effectively you should do it in front of others. This gives you the confidence you will need to talk in front of your intended audience.

They can also point out the areas of you presentation that need to be improved. Use a clock to time yourself so that you can know how long you will take. People get bored easily with long speeches. You should also try and memorize your presentation. This will save you the need to keep on referring to your written materials. It also shows how prepared you are.

The command of three

Research shows that people remember things I threes. It therefore follows that after your presentation, your audience will only be able to remember three things. These three could be the most important or the least important message you wanted to send to them. To ensure that they take home exactly what you want them to, you will need to organize you presentation in three stages. Structure it into the introduction, the body and the conclusion and then find ways of adding information around these three points.


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